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We have a very specific Charter to help people in Healthcare with the Business of Medicine. This includes Practice Offering, Revenue Streams, Patient Experience, Professional Experience and Return on Performance.

HIPAA Risk Management & Training

How do I make HIPAA training, assessment and breach response more accessible and manageable?
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Practice Growth & Management

How can we position our practice to help the most people and be financially effective?
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Human Resources, Employees, Policies & Performance

How do we reduce turnover, attract and retain exceptional people who really make a difference?
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Patient Experience & Return on Performance

How do we help Patients have the experiences they need to get meaningful health improvement?
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Doreen Jaress

Senior Partner

Doreen Jaress has extensive experience in a variety Generalist Human Resource Roles including Recruiting, Retention, Talent Management, Policy and Procedure, Organization Compliance, Employee Development, General Management and Executive Management.

She has experience in Industries that include Hospitality, Health Care, Technology, Retail and Professional Services.

Bob Smith

Senior Partner

Bob founded MySuccess, Inc. after 12 years in computer industry sales operations, developing successful marketing strategy for hardware and software resellers of big names such as Satellite Software, Wang Laboratories and Data General. Because of that experience, Bob Smith became very interested in the dynamics that occur in Working Relationships, Communication and Performance Strategy the fields of Marketing, Sales and Executive Leadership.

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