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Recruiting for fast-growing Start-ups is the centerpiece of our Services. We provide whatever you need from a Human Resource POV. This includes our own unique approach to both Passive and Active Candidate Search, as well as Candidate Screening that gives you real insight into what a Candidate can do for you, their potential “chemistry” with your culture, their working style and the attitudes they naturally bring to work. These are the things that allow you to build the Team you want and while satisfying Labor Laws. Our focus is on Performance and impact versus simply filling a spot on the Org Chart.

We have learned that there are 42 specific actions in a healthy hiring process. We provide 34 of them and leave you with the primary 8.

Our approach is to “own” the responsibilities for helping you find the people you need. We work for you and your company, not the Candidate. That means “best fit” is first, before you even talk to a Candidate.

Recruiting and Staffing is what we do best. Everything we do, serves that focus. Helping our Hiring Manager clients find people with the ideal combination of Knowledge, Ability, Skills and the essential Chemistry to be part of group that can become a really good Team.

How we work:

Through a shared and well-formed process, we co-construct a Hiring Strategy to achieve the results you are after. Together we operate a process that is designed to allow Hiring managers to stay on track with their own responsibilities and performance goals. We establish a Candidate Flow model that matches schedules and we coordinate interviewing with your internal resources. We track and follow each candidate through decision and we review the progress of our work on a very frequent basis, in order to stay aligned.

We take our promises seriously and we promise that you can count on us to be both responsible and accountable in the work we do for you. We have an exceptional group of people that becomes your Hiring Team.

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