HIPAA: It's Not Your Fault, but It is Your Problem

Unfortunately, HIPAA Audits are increasing while we transition from Fee for Service to Value-based Care.  The best way to protect your patients and the practice is to be documenting your HIPAA compliance and management.  It sounds overwhelming, but our solution in the cloud makes it easy.  It is timely to get your arms around it now.

With HIPAA, you want to show Awareness of how effectively you are meeting compliance standards.  You also want to be able to demonstrate documented evidence that HIPAA is a priority and that you are proactive about it.  You can get this done with the least amount of resources possible, to keep the cost low.

Start by setting an appointment for a demonstration.  Get all your questions answered.  Then take the Risk Management Assessment.  It gives you the full value of reports that often between $3k – $10k, but our solution costs far, far less.  Also, the per person costs on the MySuccess HIPAA Training Platform are low while training efficiencies are high.

This is where we help.  We provide an online, Cloud-Based Platform to accomplish all your Risk Management Assessment needs as well as your Training needs for each position in the Practice.  It’s economical, it’s thorough and it can help lower costs with companies that provide breach insurance.

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