OKR 3.0

Aligning, Engaging, Executing and Impacting People.

OKRs 3.0: Driving Impact through Aligning Engaging and Executing

In our progressive approach of OKRs 3.0, we underscore the People Engagement and advanced application of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in concert with critical Business Intelligence. Coupled with the capacity to navigate change, these are the active drivers of organizational growth. At MySuccess, Inc. we focus on you executing in line with your strategy.

Welcome to MySuccess, Inc. – and the world of OKR’s 3.0

We work with ambitious organizations and teams eager to aggressively grow, proactively navigate change, and accelerate their paths to accomplishment for the value it adds. We believe in the power of strategy, alignment and engagement to mobilize potential into accomplishment, leading to success.

OKR’s 3.0 represents the evolution of Planning and Performing

OKR’s 3.0 incorporates Strategy, Goals, People and Performance. We’ll help surface your existing and wide ranging Tribal Knowledge for accelerating accomplishment. This is knowledge and wisdom that the organization has “earned” through time and is often under-utilizing the benefits of it. Brain Sharing Tribal Knowledge accelerates a rapid lift in engagement, enhancing leadership trust and performance commitment.

The Evolving Journey of OKR’s

OKRs 1.0 began with the introduction of a Team approach to the Outcome Mindset, aligned with Organizational Strategy. This evolved to OKR’s 2.0 which adds the automating and integrating of Business Intelligence reporting assets to provide feedback on the team efforts. Now with OKR’s 3.0 you get to connect people to your vibrant and relevant Strategy, integrate the best of what you have learned as a company and blend it with an eye on pursuing best possible with people bringing their best self to the job.

A Key to Success: Alignment and Relevancy

Our methodology revolves around OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Many organizations merely provide access to OKR platforms, we understand that the key lies in engagement. And it’s not just with the platform but about wholeheartedly embracing and applying it effectively for the organization’s betterment. This includes stretch goals and rapid learning. It’s imperative that everyone understands the “Why” behind what you’re doing as a basis to go all-in

A Roadmap to Success

Your compelling Vision that inspires and motivates, linked with a focused Mission, robust Strategy, a combination of committed and stretch goals that are expressed through a few crisp core values makes the journey clear. Healthy Accountability, strong KPI’s and metrics drive
effective change utilizing your Tribal Knowledge make visible roadways.

Performance Management

Accountability is about increasing the speed through which you identify and solve problems. It provides a basis for ownership and the ability to surface attention seeking issues. Coupled with the effective use of Heat Maps, Accountability can once again become the performance asset that was sought at its inception.

Ongoing Alignment

Aligning is an ongoing operator. People align for their own reasons and it’s imperative that we build a bridge to connect everyone’s individual reasons to commit with the direction that the organization wants to take.


We provide emerging technology in the form of best practices in both products and their applied use. This includes assessment, analysis, forecasting, and performance pattern recognition.


We have a constantly growing base of experts who lead the various Trainings, analysis of Assessments and delivery of Tools for the effective applied use of OKR’s in your Organization. Every member of our Leadership Team has multiple projects of experience and accomplishment. Our Services offering is designed to support your self-driven ongoing use of OKR’s.

We work in an active “hand-off” framework, so that you are self-reliant as quickly and broadly as you want to become. We audit our work with you to look for ways to increase the quality of return you get from your use of OKR’s. We openly share those discoveries to your best use. We do this Quarterly for the first year and every 6-12 months as desired thereafter.

Teams, Leaders and Communication

  • Team and Key Individuals – Coaching and Training frameworks to help you
  • Energizing Teams for High Performance (1 ½ day Program with advanced Communication and Team Aligning tools)
  • High Impact with High Potential People (6-8 Coaching Sessions with selected outcomes)
  • Coaching and OKR Expert Training (accelerated way to get your internal OKR Champions
    positioned to keep OKR momentum in motion)
  • Leveraging Tribal Knowledge (1/2 day program to clarify existing useful wisdom and knowledge
    for accelerating alignment)


The 7-7-7 Individual and Team accelerated performance Model
A timeline visit to review the last 7 Days and Build the next 7 Days, Weeks, Months
A 7 Hour approach to installing your own personal timeline planning and feedback
Clarify the next 7 Days, 7 Weeks, 7 Months and 7 Years for high value accomplishment
Your declaration: My Success will not be left to chance.
Strategic Plan Analysis and Review
Stress-test your strategy to confirm relevance and efficacy
Reenergize your Vision, Mission and Senior Team Alignment
Create sprint style reviews for your ongoing Strategy validation metrics

Bob Smith
Bob SmithSenior Strategist
Strategic Advisor and Consultant, focused on helping individuals, teams and organizations bring their own magic to accomplishing best possible. Tireless commitment to help people do better.
Doreen Jaress
Doreen JaressSenior Strategist
Executive Management, Policy and Procedures, Organization Compliance, Employee Development, General Management, and Technical Recruiting.
Patricia (Patty) Shull
Patricia (Patty) ShullSenior Strategy and Change Management Advisor
Patty is a record-setting, strategy execution leader who leads teams to drive faster growth and competitive advantage. While at a SaaS company, she and her team pioneered a strategy execution methodology and achieved #1 solutions partner in Gardner’s marketplace category.